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My approach

I am trained as an integrative counsellor which means I use a range of different therapeutic approaches depending on what feels right for each individual client. My style is sensitive and considered and I offer a safe place where anything can be said; creating room for thoughts and feelings that might be difficult to share with family or friends, or perhaps those that have previously been shut down. This might include: 

  • looking at past events and their meaning for you

  • exploring your inner world - your thoughts and how they make you feel

  • understanding your childhood and how those early experiences influence your life today 

  • looking at your ways of relating to others 

I believe that counselling is a collaborative relationship between client and therapist that can bring about real lasting change. It creates an opportunity to make sense of your life story and explore how this relates to the thoughts and feelings that determine how you live your life. My role is to work along side you at your pace and with your agenda, creating greater self-awareness and putting you in a place to start considering change.

I offer long and short term therapy which means we can work together on an open ended basis or for an agreed time period.  The number of sessions is your decision and typically take place each week at the same time. 

Sessions cost £50 each and are 50 minutes long

Initially,I offer a free 30 minute consultation. This is an opportunity for us to meet, explore some of the things you would like to get from therapy and for you to decide if you are comfortable for us to start counselling together. 


Appointments are in a lovely space in a private counselling practice in the centre of Horsham town centre which is easily accessible by public transport with metered parking nearby. 

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